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Who said there’s no rest for the weary?

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I get it – you’re always on the go. Thinking about that to-do list and all the tasks that need to be done but you’re burnt out. You’ve done so much for any and everyone that you have no idea how you do it all. Well beautiful, when is the last time you rested? I … Continue reading Who said there’s no rest for the weary?

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What’s your story?

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Have you just ever sat and wondered what you story is?  What is it about you that makes you do what you do? Well, we all have.  We all have those moments when we think about whether we are going in the right direction. We think about what could I have done differently in order … Continue reading What’s your story?

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Trust God??? What does that really look like?

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You hear it all the time – trust God!  But, have you really evaluated what that means for you? What does it look like for you to say I trust God? After reading a devotional and journaling, I thought about that question and here is what God spoke to me about what it means to … Continue reading Trust God??? What does that really look like?

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Self-reflection – the internal work!

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Does self-reflection work?

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