Before I share the secret on how YOU can Get Back to Beautiful, I want you to answer a few questions for me:

Are you painfully waking up to a life that other people think you should live?

Are you wallowing in the ocean of pain that nearly drowned you years ago?

Are you holding onto your past hurts and don't realize your worth?

Are you pouring so much into others that you have nothing left for yourself?

Rediscover or Discover Your Inner Beautiful and Embrace the Beauty Within

If you answered YES to any of the previous questions, a better YOU sits waiting on the inside of Get Back to Beautiful. Join us on a transformative journey designed to highlight your path to self-love, break free from the shadows of self-doubt, and celebrate your true essence. Get Back to Beautiful is more than a course—it's an invitation to rediscover yourself, to see your beauty without filters, and to step into the light of your authentic power.

You see, for too many years you have allowed the pain of your past to dull the light that God has created within you. And all that stops today – when you choose to Get Back to Beautiful.

About the Course

Get Back to Beautiful offers a guided journey through self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Over 8 transformative weeks, you'll delve into themes of inner beauty, self-doubt, self-care, vulnerability, forgiveness, and authentic living. This journey is about unraveling the layers that keep you from seeing your true worth and celebrating your growth with a vision for a radiant future.

What You'll Experience

  • Weekly LIVE Themes that build upon each other, deepening your understanding and practice of self-love.
  • Interactive Exercises designed to challenge, heal, and inspire as your create your beautiful blueprint.
  • Supportive Community of ambitious & courageous women who, like YOU, are ready to unleash the beautiful warriors within as they are committed to their journey of rediscovery.
  • Expert Guidance dedicated to your growth and well-being.

You can’t join us live? No worries, lifetime access to replay recordings will be available.

Your journey back to beautiful begins here.


Down payment of $96

3 additional monthly payments of $96


Full payment of $375


Course Highlights

  • Week 1: Redefining or Defining Your Beautiful - challenge society's norms, by digging into the heart of your beauty and embracing the beautiful you bring to the world.

  • Week 2: Conquering Self-Doubt - learn to silence the inner critic, transform your self-talk, and stand proudly in your power and beautiful.

  • Week 3: Healing Through Forgiveness - embrace forgiveness towards yourself and others and release the emotional baggage for a clearer sense of self.

  • Week 4: Self-Care as a Foundation for Self-Love - cultivate practices that nourish your body, mind, and spirit, fostering a deep-rooted sense of self-worth and well-being.

  • Week 5: Embracing Vulnerability - see vulnerability as a strength, a gateway to deeper connections, and a more authentic life.

  • Week 6: Finding Beautiful in the Storms - uncover the lessons and strength in life’s challenges, building resilience and finding peace in the chaos.

  • Week 7: Living Authentically - embrace your true self, letting go of the masks and expectations to live a life of authenticity and freedom.

  • Week 8: Celebration, Reflection, and Creating a Beautiful Life - reflect on the journey and celebrate your personal growth

The journey back to beautiful begins July 10th at 8:00pm EST

Meet the brains behind your new definition of Beautiful

Hi, Beautiful! I'm Katrina Henderson, the heart and soul behind Get Back to Beautiful, and the woman sent for your journey of rediscovery and empowerment. With a spirit fueled by my passion, a touch of sass, and an unshakable belief in the transformative power of beautiful, I've dedicated my journey to helping others like you uncover and embrace the full magnitude of their beautiful—both inside and out.

As a woman who has navigated the paths of self-doubt, societal expectations, and personal growth, I've learned that beautiful comes from within. It's not just about what we see in the mirror; it's about how we feel in our soul. My mission with the "Hello My Name is Beautiful®" movement is to rewrite the narrative on beauty, encouraging everyone everywhere to stand tall in their authenticity, to love themselves fiercely, and to shine their light unapologetically.

Through years of sharing my own story—openly embracing vulnerability as a source of strength—I've connected with incredible beautiful's worldwide. I've discovered that when we come together, sharing our experiences and truths, we unlock a powerful synergy that propels us forward on our individual paths to healing and joy.

In this course, I invite you to join me in shedding the layers that no longer serve you, to challenge the beliefs that hold you back, and to step into a world where you define your beauty on your own terms. With a blend of reflective practices, empowering affirmations, and nurturing community support, Get Back to Beautiful is more than a course—it's a journey home to yourself.

Ready to embrace the adventure? Let's illuminate the path to your most authentic, beautiful self together.

Because Beautiful, the world needs your light now more than ever. We need your beauty mark.


"Katrina helped me to realize that I am not the only woman who struggles with self image and that every circumstance God is in it."


"In so many ways, the thought of telling myself I AM BEAUTIFUL wasn't something that I would do! My confidence has changed a lot! I thank God for the encouragement of Katrina and just knowing that I'm not alone in this journey!"


"Katrina helped me to see that I am free from the power of the negative words spoken about my size when I was in childhood."


Trust me, I know what it's like to lose yourself while supporting others. I know what it's like to feel unworthy. And I know what it's like to struggle with accepting yourself as beautiful. I too convinced myself I wasn't the right size or shape or that I could never measure up to someone's expectation of beauty. So, trust me when I say YOU are beautiful despite your circumstances!

Join me for Get Back to Beautiful and let me clear your eyes and help YOU see the reflection the world is intended to recognize.

Your journey back to beautiful begins here.


Down payment of $96

3 additional monthly payments of $96


Full payment of $384


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