Soul Wealth

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Soul Wealth is on a mission to help women globally live from a place of holistically healed and whole emotional dysfunction. Thus, Soul Wealth, has the title applies charges them to get wealthy in a deep place to find vision, compassion, authenticity, abundance and create legacy when chaos is the norm. Dr. Vikki Johnson lives out each principle, nugget, note of learned wisdom and truth presented in this book. Revelation by revelation, thought by thought, transparently sharing experiences and truths, she encourages women to dig deep, to release that which no longer powerfully serves them, to engage the lesson in every moment and to consciously decide to live their lives from a wealthy place - a place where their souls - a place where their souls are liberated and healthy - despite what is swirling around them.    Order today at

Dr. Vikki's signature bracelet is a reminder for you to desire vision, compassion, authenticity, abundance and legacy!  "You can have it all" - Dr. Vikki Johnson

Bracelets are sized between 7 1/2 - 7 3/4.  Please note this is a single bracelet not a set unless more than one is purchased.  

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