Ignite your happy

Hey Beautiful!

Did you know that you have the power to ignite your happy? I know you are probably wondering what I am talking about so hear me out.

Your happiness is determined by YOU! Your happiness is not impacted by how someone else makes you feel because it's based on what you ALLOW yourself to feel! We all know that each relationship we have (people, things AND thoughts) impact us but it's our CHOICE that determines the impact of those relationships. We can either allow those relationships to take us out or we can allow those relationships to show us what we have to change. Perhaps, we need to let go someone because we've held on for too long? Perhaps, we need to let go of the negative thought because we don't acknowledge our worth? Whatever, your perhaps, you have a CHOICE!

So what will you choose to make YOURSELF happy? What does happy look like for you? Today on this Freedom Friday, get still, sit and write at least 5 things that will make you happy. Then do 2 of them no matter how small they may be. Your happiness has unlimited power so nothing is too small. Your happiness starts with you making the choice to move because remember faith without works is dead. You can't believe for your happiness unless you are willing to take action. You have the power to ignite your happiness! You have the power to create your happiness! You have the power to choose!

Therefore, today declare your happiness!  Ignite your beautiful!  And don't forget, if you are looking for ways to expand your beautiful then we've have a lot to choose from. Visit www.unbreakablememories.com and grab yourself or another beauty something beautiful.


~ Katrina

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