Types of Stones

Did you know that stones / beads have a different meaning behind each type? Unbreakable Memories wants to provide this summary to give you an idea of each bead meaning.  

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Grounding stone, calming, centering, facilitates self-confidence, overcomes negativity

Available in multiple colors and patters (matte, faceted, striped)


Turns negative energy to positive energy, calming, , helps you feel focused, helps to relieve migraines

Available in natural and flowered

Black Obsidian

Assists with self-reflection, protects against negativity, clears confusion, promotes clarity, stimulates growth, compassion and strength

Available in matte and golden obsidian

Black Onyx

Helps to relieve against negative feelings, brings self-confidence, sharpens the sense


Provides strength and stamina, courage and self-confidence


Helps balance energy, directs creativity, cleanses and rejuvenates your spirit

Clear Quartz

Encourages clarity of thought and purpose


Stabilizes emotions and promotes calmness


Grounding, balances, centers; calms in times of anxiety, stress or worry, increases power and courage.

Available in gunmetal, silver, gold, blue and rainbow


Helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Helps with relaxation and calming


Strengthens feels of self-worth, gives strength

Lapis Lazuli

Helps to relieve worries and increase concentration

Lava Stone

Grounding stone that calms the emotions

Great for essential oils - add a few drops to the bead


Brings stability, strength, abundance

Available in several colors


Stone of new beginnings, inner growth and strength

Available in several colors

Rose Quartz

Helps to nurture love/self-love, brings calming and reassuring energy


Brings confidence to the shy, improves courage

Smokey Quartz

Helps to relieve depression, gives you a joy for living


Helps to bolster a sense of self worth and confidence, wards off negativity, awakens consciousness, releases owner’s hidden power. It’s the perfect stone to where when you want to increase your power or when you want to feel positive

Tiger Eye

Strength • Confidence • Harmony

Helps to find balance between extremes, helps with discernment, strength, practicality and fairness

Available in several colors

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Bracelets/necklaces sold by Unbreakable Memories are designed to enhance the wearer’s energy. The stones are enhanced by the wearer’s personal intentions to change or improvement of themselves. The responsibility for healing/empowering is solely with the wearer. Therefore, Unbreakable Memories makes no medical advice for the stones. The stones should be a complement to medical treatment. For medical advice, contact a licensed healthcare specialist.