Hi, Beautiful! Before I share the details on The Beautiful Society, I want you to answer a few questions for me:

    • Are you holding onto your past hurts and don't realize your worth?
    • Are you living in the expectations of others that you don't even know who you are anymore?
    • Are you looking at your outward appearance and think of all the ways that you can change your looks?  
    • Are you pouring so much into others that you have nothing left for yourself?
    • Are you looking for a community of other women to encourage you to find your beautiful?
    • Or perhaps you are trying to understand what your BEAUTIFUL even means?

If you answered yes to any or all of these then The Beautiful Society is for you!  The Beautiful Society is a community that will redefine the narrative on BEAUTIFUL! We will no longer allow what "Society" calls BEAUTIFUL to dictate who we are and how we live our BEAUTIFUL lives. We are BEAUTIFUL despite our circumstance! And WE WILL redefine the narrative on BEAUTIFUL....  


    • Each month there will be monthly webinar/beautiful night based on a "BEAUTIFUL" theme. Examples of themes include:
      • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
      • The Scars Within
      • Baby, I'm Worth It
    • In colloboration with the monthly theme, we will have a challenge which will consist of daily tasks. Examples of monthly challenges include:
      • Taking of picture of yourself (no filters) in the mirror or on your phone to love the skin you're in!
      • Daily gratitude
      • Daily reflect and release of your day
    • Digital journal* to capture your thoughts monthly (*See picture below).
    • Every Monday, you will receive weekly inspiration and motivation to define what's BEAUTIFUL in your world
    • BEAUTIFUL fun activities (Examples, beautiful bingo and creative evenings) and much more!

For a LIMITED TIME, join theThe Beautiful Society for FREE! Yes, I said it for FREE!

Beautiful Fine Print

The Beautiful Society is a subscription based program and you will be charged each month on whichever day you originally enroll. To ensure that you receive your journal in advance of the next month, all subscriptions made by the 15th of the month will receive their journal prior to the next month. If you enroll after the 15th then you will receive your journal in the following month. However, you will have access to the community.  

Once you are enrolled, you will receive an email with the access link to the membership platform.

While we hope you don't need to, you can cancel your membership at any time. However, please note there are no refunds for a partial month. Once you cancel, you will no longer have access to The Beautiful Society.  


I’m Katrina Henderson, conqueror, pain releaser and the woman sent to help you redefine beautiful. Now, before I reveal my qualifications, I want you to know this:

The journey to releasing the BEST YOU is not easy. But it’s worthwhile and necessary if you desire a fulfilling, happy and gratifying life.

You see, I’ve been unhappy, frustrated and hurt. And I trusted God to pull me through and order my steps. It’s through His blessings, I found my beautiful and the strength to inspire women like you who want to find or rediscover their beautiful, but you’re just not sure how to get it. You'll find how to do this in The Beautiful Society. And now, all YOU have to do is CLAIM IT.