About Unbreakable

Unbreakable Memories’ creations or memories as we like to call them are geared towards giving you a little more hope. They are reminders to trust God and lean on Him for Strength. They are reminders that the storm will pass. Our creations are more than a gift - they are memories created when the gift is received.  Perhaps, it’s:

  • An encouraging bracelet to remind you that you are stronger than the storm
  • An inspirational cup reminding you to smile
  • A shirt reminding you that you are unbreakable
  • A journal / notebook to do some self-reflection

No matter the reminder, our products create those unbreakable memories. Thus, Unbreakable Memories!

Out of Unbreakable Memories, Get Back to Beautiful was created.  It's a movement to inspire women to find or rediscover their beautiful and remind them that they are beautiful despite their circumstance.  Our signature Hello My Name is Beautiful® Collection was created for:

  • Every moment when you questioned your beauty
  • Every moment when you believed your trials defined you
  • Every moment when you believed your worth was defined by who loved or accepted you
  • Every moment when you believed your outer beauty (clothes, hair, makeup) dictated whether you were beautiful
  • Every moment when you believed you are accepted because of what you do rather than for who you are

Hello My Name is Beautiful® is about changing the narrative on BEAUTIFUL! And Unbreakable Memories is proud to be the change agent!

In addition to providing products of encouragement, Unbreakable Memories creates shirts, cups and other promotional products for those companies that want to brand their business.  Get started today with a custom order request.