Hi, Beautiful! I am so excited that you are taking the time for you.  Choosing you over everyone and everything else is not easy.  It takes courage and vulnerability and I’m excited that you said yes.

In preparation for your one-on-one call, I want you to answer the questions on the attached document so you can create the foundation or anchor for your beautiful journey.

Also, just so that I can make sure that you don't miss anything, add me (katrina@unbreakablememories.com) to your contact list. You can find instructions for your email provider on this page. If you have a gmail account or use any other email that filters messages away from your main inbox, be sure to "drag" any emails from "Katrina Henderson" into your inbox. I definitely don't want you to miss any information for our time together.

Check your email for additional details and get ready to discover your BEAUTIFUL....