Beautiful Balance - Chakra bracelet

Beautiful Balance - Chakra bracelet

The 7 chakras play an important role in the balance and health of our bodies and represent the 7 energy points in your body starting at the base of your spine and moving all the way up to the top of your head.

Each color represents a different Chakra: Crown (Amethyst), third eye (Lapis), throat (Sodalite), Heart (aventurine), Solar Plexus (tigers eye), sacral (Yellow Jade) and root (Red Jasper).

Bracelet consists of 12mm faceted:

  • Amethyst - Turns negative energy to positive energy, calming, helps you feel focused, helps to relieve migraines
  • Lapis - Helps to relieve worries and increase concentration
  • Sodalite - Brings confidence to the shy, improves courage
  • Aventurine - vitality, growth, confidence, assists in finding hope, joy and optimism in daily life
  • Tigers Eye - power, courage, understanding / harmony, helps to create great focus, helps with discernment, strength, practicality and fairness
  • Yellow Jade - Brings stability, strength, abundance
  • Red Jasper - helps with providing energy, strength, stamina and spiritual grounding
  • Black Onyx - a strong grounding stone - Helps to defend against negativity - Helps to relieve negative feelings - Brings self-confidence - Sharpens the senses



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