Beautiful Momma

Beautiful Momma

Your beautiful journey to motherhood is an exciting, joyful and sometimes challenging!  Wherever you are on your journey, this  bracelet will assist you on your journey.  Your bracelet consists of the following 12mm stones:

  • Front and center - Mystic Rose Quartz - You are the most important person on this journey so the rose quartz will surround you with unconditional love for yourself every day regardless of how you may look on feel on your journey!
  • Right and Left of Rose Quartz - Amethyst - These stones were intentionally placed around the Rose Quartz as they will provide relaxation and peace.  As you receive the unconditional love, the amethyst will provide relaxation and peace.  It gives a soothing energy.
  • Left side of Amethyst - Moonstone - Moonstone is associated with the moon and the feminine, connecting you with your destiny of motherhood.  It’s the stone of fertility and love for women as it helps to unlock the light (moon) within you! Hey little momma!
  • Right of Moonstone - Smoky Quartz - allows you let go of heavy emotions, limiting beliefs and anxiety.  Don’t worry you got this!
  • Right of Smoky Quartz - Carnelian - Carnelian connects you with the energy of creating life.  It helps release the energy blocks that prevent you from creating life.  Yay to new beginnings! 


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