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Hi, Beautiful!  There are going to be challenges and storms!  But, you are never alone on your journey!  The exhale bracelet will support you during the stress, assist in forgiveness and encourage self-love.   This set consists of the following 10mm stones:

  • Rose Quartz - You are the most important person on this journey so the rose quartz will surround you with unconditional love for yourself every day regardless of how you may look on feel on your journey!
  • Faceted Onyx - Take a deep breath and exhale!  Allow onyx to support you in difficult or confusing circumstances. Onyx aids you in learning the lesson and helping you be at ease in your surroundings!
  • Rhodonite - Make peace with your situation and forgive!  Rhodonite encourages you to forgive which rescues the heart from bitterness and resentment.  It helps you find balance in your emotions so you can find true forgiveness.

    Details: Stretch bracelet sized to fit 7 3/4"

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