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My Beautiful Intentions

My Beautiful Intentions

My Intentions Journal is not just a journal.  It's not a planner. It's not a to-do list. It's not something that requires a lot of your time. It does, however, require you to think differently. At the end of the year, did you reflect on your life? Like many, you probably have identified some ideas or areas that you wanted to change. As such, you set new year resolutions for things that you feel are wrong in your life and needed changing. You probably also came up with a plan to fix those things. But Beautiful, what if it’s not intended for you to change them? What if you can’t change them because in trying you are taking things into your own hands rather than relying on God to make the way? After all, He is a miracle worker.

So rather than make resolutions, I want to encourage you to make intentions. Intentions are plans or desires but they are not necessarily tied to the outcome. Intentions have a more compassionate energy. They simply request that we bring high energy to our actions and make our best efforts to change. Do you see the difference?

Intentions give grace! When we are knocked off course, we can begin again without getting caught up with self-judgment. We can simply move on, realizing that tomorrow is a brand new day. With intention setting, our focus is not on what we need to fix, but rather what we want to create. So journal is about setting intentions and creating the life you want TODAY! It's going to answer what would make today beautiful?

Through my journey of "beautiful", I have found some things that helped me make my days beautiful. They helped me understand change my perspective on how my days flowed. So, let's get into the details....

Journal features:

  • 6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm black coiled spiral bound
  • 146 color pages in 60# white paper
  • Glossy Cover
  • 6 pages of inner reflection questions to guide you on setting intentions
  • Daily pages for Monday to Friday, combined weekend page for Saturday and Sunday to write 5 thing things that are grateful for; daily affirmation; daily scripture which I call you "lifeline"; intentions for how you will show up; to do list and an evening reflection
  • Weekly reflection pages to write what worked, what needs to be improved and overall reflection
  • Each week is separated by an affirmation to reflect on for the week 
  • Undated monthly pages for 3 months

Take a peak at some of the pages here.

 ** Please not this is a PRE-ORDER. Processing can take up to 2 weeks. **

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