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Shift - 30 Journal Writing Prompts (ebook)

Shift - 30 Journal Writing Prompts (ebook)

Sometimes we as woman take on so much that we hardly ever have time for ourselves.  However, journaling can be used as a tool of self-discovery and healing!  This journal includes 30 writing prompts that will help you shift your focus from others to you for a more balanced and beautiful life!  There are so many things that we take for granted because we are rushing through in life.  So make an intentional effort to slow down and thoroughly reflect on life. 

Each day of this journal is broken out into three sections as follows: (1) Today, I'm grateful for... (2) the journal prompt and (3) evening reflection! Each day will help you SHIFT your focus from the negative to perspective of opportunities.  

Don't you deserve 10 minutes each day to yourself?  If so, get your SHIFT journal writing journal.  

Please note this is a digital product and it will be sent upon completion of your order.  When trying to access your digital product via email, please do so from a computer.  Due to the digital nature of this product, No refunds or exchanges are offered. 

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