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Shift workshop

Shift workshop

Are you continuously pursuing your purpose but never getting there because life gets in the way? Is the chaos around you so loud that you that you have lost yourself in the process? Are you ready to stop saying WOE IS ME to WHY NOT ME?

If this sounds like you then YOU need a NEW perspective. You need to shut off the chaos around you and dig deep to get UNSTUCK from your PAST and your FEARS . You need to let go of the EXCUSES of moving forward just because you think you will be UNCOMFORTABLE ! YOU need to SHIFT !
In this hour workshop using Zoom, video conferencing, you will learn how to shift your perspective on life. We will do the work to uncover what is holding us back in order to SHIFT our mindsets from WOE IS ME to WHY NOT ME ! This workshop will not just be thought provoking discussion but questions that will help you shift your perspective. It's time to let go of other people's expectation of you and discover what it is YOU expect of YOU !  
You owe it to yourself to push through whatever life throws your way! Are you ready to SHIFT ?


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