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Truth Collection - Black Onyx

Truth Collection - Black Onyx

Gemstone Bracelet

Unleash your inner flame with Truth Collection - Black Onyx. This powerful flame stone inspires truth while the grounding properties of black onyx keep you rooted. Perfect for those seeking inner clarity and connection. 

Set of 3 bracelets of 12mm.

Bracelet consists of:

  • Flame Stone - a stone of truth and allowing one to recognize and objectively express one’s feelings. It releases anger and negative thoughts and helps to fight fears.
  • Black Onyx - a strong grounding stone - Helps to defend against negativity - Helps to relieve negative feelings - Brings self-confidence - Sharpens the senses
  • Hematite - helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of anxiety, stress or worry - very protective stone and is great to carry to helps you stay grounded 
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