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Unbreakable Men - Protector - Gemstone bracelet

Unbreakable Men - Protector - Gemstone bracelet

Gemstone Bracelet for Men

This Unbreakable Men - Protector - Gemstone bracelet is the ideal gift for your favorite protector! Crafted with a powerful gemstone, it will help him fight off any negativity and find balance and strength. Plus, it'll give him the stability and discernment he needs to stay cool under pressure. He'll be your hero in no time!

Bracelet consists of:

  • Hematite - helps to absorb negative energy and calms in times of anxiety, stress or worry - very protective stone and is great to carry to helps you stay grounded
  • Black Onyx - a strong grounding stone - Helps to defend against negativity - Helps to relieve negative feelings - Brings self-confidence - Sharpens the senses
  • Tiger eye - helps to find balance between extremes, helps with discernment, strength, practicality and fairness
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